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1 A 15 year fixed rate mortgage, can save you thousands of $ in interest payments over the life of the loan, however your payment will be higher.

2 An ARM (adjustable rate mortgage) will have lower payments initially, however, if interest rates change your payments will go up significantly.

3 When listing your home for sale, for added value, have an appraisal done on it.  You and your realtor will know its market value. The appraisal can be used in the marketing of your property and can also be offered to the buyer (if the lender permits) as an incentive, which saves the buyer money.

4 Definitely get pre-qualified with a loan officer (or ask your realtor to refer one) before you start the looking process. This helps you to know your qualifying price range.

5 When looking at homes for sale, ask your realtor for a list of properties in your price range then do your homework and drive by with the family, looking at the neighborhoods and the outside of the homes.  Make notes on the ones you like and jot down to report any other addresses (not on your list) that appeal to you.